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Advertising Age reports that Chipotle plans a shift in strategy in 2017 as it continues to try to rebound from the food safety crises that hit its sales and profits hard last year.

Included in its plans are the sponsorship of a new scripted television series for children and a marketing campaign that will focus on taste and ingredients. What is not included is a continued reliance on deals and promotions that it hoped would get past and disillusioned customers to return and give the fast food chain a second chance.

"The food safety incidents replaced our carefully crafted brand narrative with negative stories and we're working hard to rebuild our brand story," Mark Crumpacker, the company's chief marketing and development officer, said this week.
KC's View:
Still haven't been back to Chipotle. Just don't trust them.

This move probably makes sense, though. If people don't trust the food, BOGO doesn't have much appeal ... it just creates the possibility that they'll get twice as sick. So it probably is a better approach to focus marketing efforts on taste and ingredients.