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AdWeek has a story about a new study done by ad agency Wunderman suggesting that brands can create customer engagement by developing what it calls "wantedness," which it defines as "the degree to which a brand proves their commitment to earning a customer's business across every touch point and throughout the entire path to purchase ... the data shows that brands now need to demonstrate their commitment to serving the consumer and exceeding their expectations every day."

According to the story, "The study found that in the U.S., 79 percent of respondents said they only consider buying products from brands that show they care and understand their consumers, while in the U.K., the number is slightly less but still sizeable, hitting 72 percent.

"Another key finding from the study shows just how essential mobile has become in the entire purchase process. Ninety percent of respondents in the U.S. feel mobile helps them make better purchase decisions, which means brands need to pay attention to how the mobile experience is working (or not working) for shoppers."
KC's View:
Fair or not, I think is is critical for businesses to understand that they have to do more than develop and sell create products. They have to demonstrate their relevance not just to how consumers need their products, but to the priorities that consumers establish in their everyday lives.

Brand equity is a far more extensive, and even more intangible, than ever. Brands have to be vigilant about this every hour of every day.