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Bloomberg reports that "Google is rolling out a real world application for its most ambitious virtual reality effort: letting shoppers see what they might buy without leaving home." The company this week "introduced two new retail partnerships, with BMW and Gap Inc., deploying its 3D-scanning project called Tango. The technology uses cameras and sensors in mobile devices to overlay digital images in physical space -- akin to the hit mobile game Pokemon Go."

The story makes clear that it is early days for this technology ... but experience would suggest that these kinds of developments evolve faster than anyone expects, and suddenly become mainstream, leaving people wondering how they lived without them.

• The Chicago Tribune reports that Coca-Cola is being sued by nonprofit activist group the Praxis Project, which compares "the beverage giant's advertising tactics to the tobacco industry's past efforts in minimizing the health effects of its products and targeting children to replenish the ranks of its customers."

The suit, according to the Post, "seeks to stop Coke and the Washington-based American Beverage Association from deceptive advertising of sugary drinks, particularly to children, and for the disclosure of documents related to their impact on health."

Coke and the American Beverage Association have not commented on the suit.

• The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that "Giant Eagle plans to close five supermarkets and four GetGo locations in Ohio, Maryland and in Altoona ... All of these locations will close between Feb. 4 and March 4."
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