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Forbes reports that Amazon is scheduled to lose its patent protection on its 1-Click ordering system later this year, which could open the door for other online stores to adapt the technology.

According to the story, "Amazon first applied for a patent on 1-Click in 1997, and it was granted in 1999. The core of the proposition is that by storing your payment and address details you only need to click a single button to order something. This means that there are fewer steps to ordering, which is less time-consuming and what is termed 'frictionless'."
KC's View:
As much as I have used Amazon over the years, I must confess that I've rarely used 1-Click. I like reviewing my orders before hitting the "buy" button, and so 1-Click hasn't been that important to me.

While not everybody agrees with me on this, I also think it is fair to say that Amazon isn't focused on a patent that it first applied for 20 years ago. It likely is a lot more focused on the next patent. Which is where everybody ought to focused.