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Ahold Delhaize-owned Peapod is out with a new survey from ORC International saying that "the home cooking trend - 72% of Americans already report cooking at home four nights or more per week in 2016 – is not slowing down for 2017. In fact, over a third of Americans surveyed (34%) are planning to cook dinner at home even more in the New Year! Leading the cooking movement are Millennials, who are twice as likely as their older counterparts (49% of Millennials vs. 24% of Boomers) to make this a resolution for 2017."

The survey goes on: "Of those that cook at home, 53% would like to meal plan more in 2017. It seems Americans think a little more planning will pay off for many reasons. The top three reasons for meal planning are to save money (60%), eat healthy (59%) and waste less food (55%)." And, the survey says, 51 percent of Americans say they "would prepare dinner at home more often if they had new ideas. Millennials need the most inspiration at 63% compared to the more experienced Boomers at 42%."
KC's View:
So, people want to cook at home ... but they also want some inspiration and even instruction. (Gee .. does this sound like they want a resource for information as well as a source of product? That's what it sounds like to me...)

This is an enormous opportunity for retailers. It is what companies like Blue Apron are tapping into, and I suspect there will be a lot more competition in this space.