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by Michael Sansolo

We all know there are few certainties in life beyond death and taxes. One other would be this: McDonald’s is a self-service restaurant.

Well, maybe that’s changing.

Unlike Kevin, I will occasionally, but rarely, visit McDonald’s. A week ago, I went to one and after paying for my food and drink, I followed the time-honored tradition of sliding one step to the left to await my order, while allowing another person to move up to the cash register. That’s when it happened.

The cashier handed me my drink cup and a number and then suggested I sit down so I could be served at my table. I responded with something witty like, “but this is McDonald’s, you don’t serve tables.” (Keep in mind, I didn’t order anything special or out of the ordinary.) I sat down and within a few minutes my food arrived. Then I watched the same experience play out across the restaurant.

Unfortunately, there was no one of authority in the restaurant for me to question on whether this program is widespread or long lasting. So I can only speculate that McDonald’s, increasingly up against the far superior Five Guys, Smashburger and BGR in my area, has recognized that it needs to change it up.

So yes, the food (other than fries) still needs vast improvement, but getting table service at a McDonald’s now apparently is on the menu. Not that long ago, that would've seemed like an impossibility.

But when the impossible starts happening, that’s an Eye-Opener.
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