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Barron's reports that in Reno, Nevada, this week, 7-Eleven in a single day "launched 77 drone flights to customers who lived within a mile of the store, marking the first commercial delivery service in the US." The c-store chain has been partnering with Flirtey, a drone delivery service, to ramp up the service in the US, which it first tested in July.

The story notes that "it’s an impressive feat for 7-Eleven, given that and Alphabet are chasing the same goal. Alphabet’s Project Wing delivered Chipotle burritos to Virginia Tech, a closed campus, in September and while Amazon’s trial run debuted in the U.K. countryside last week."
KC's View:
It is interesting that even though Amazon and Alphabet (which owns Google) have been getting all the attention for their various drone programs, it is 7-Eleven that seems be getting even more aggressive in terms of its testing.

There still is a long way to go to make drone deliveries mainstream, not least in terms of regulatory issues; it is unclear at this moment how the incoming Trump administration will approach the issue of commercial air traffic in general and drone deliveries in particular. But we're clearly moving down the path toward the mainstreaming of this technology.

And, as Jimmy Durante used to say, "Everybody wants to get into the act."