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On Friday, MNB took note of a Seattle Times report that "Amazon, focused on 'upending the archaic ways of the trucking business,' is working on a new service 'that would connect truck drivers with shippers, a move that would highlight the company’s multi-pronged foray in the world of logistics.' Such a service, the story says, would be a marked departure in an industry 'where brokers usually make these connections using old-fashioned phones and email, for a fee'."

One MNB reader wrote:

Kevin, look up a company called MicroStar, they do the same thing with kegs.  In the case of Convoy it is trailers, at MicroStar it is kegs.  Both are containers of some type.  It’s a real interesting business.

MNB reader Bruce Wesbury wrote:

Kevin, connecting drivers with shippers is nothing new, it has been going on for years. Some of my most reliable drivers are those that we have personal relationships with. Try to use a broker to pick-up from five locations, combine the loads and then ship to multiple warehouses. That call alone would make your head explode.
There are literally hundreds of companies that already do what Convoy and “Middle Mile Transportation Technology” are planning to do. This only makes news because suddenly Amazon has invented some new way to battle logistics.

But MNB reader Edward Zimmerman wrote:

As a person who has relied on LTL shipments for decades, Amazon’s foray into this direct connect is the beginning of UBER for trucking – a VERY welcomed improvement.

On another subject, from MNB reader Bob Martell:

Second reference in 2 days to one of my favorite "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episodes, "Darmok”.

I’ll turn 65 next year and I really appreciate some of your references that are easily recognized by people in our 7th decade ... Thanks for keeping MNB relevant!

Being relevant to those of us in our sixties isn't that hard. Where I have to work is trying to be relevant to Millennials.

Let's just say I'm a work in progress.
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