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In Canada, the Financial Post reports on how Costco is opening a new Costco Business Centre in Toronto, designed to "disrupt the business of traditional office and restaurant supply distributors ... The move makes a direct play for small restaurant, business and convenience store owners who buy from Costco because they are too small to do business directly with a company such as Unilever, and for office supply companies whose business models are based on higher margins."

The story notes that the store has "an assortment that includes bulk grocery items, office furniture and supplies, professional cooking equipment and cleaning products ... With 80 percent of the business centre’s merchandise consisting of items not sold in its warehouses, there is also little concern of overlap between the company’s two businesses."

Scheduled to open in March, the store is Costco's first of the kind in Canada, is open to all Costco members, and is "part of a rapidly expanding business offshoot for Costco in the US ... Costco operated 11 business centres in the fiscal year ending Aug. 28 and will have 15 open by the end of 2017, including the Canadian outlet."
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