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by Kevin Coupe

In this case, I assume, the fervent hope is that what happens in Vegas won;t stay there.

Wynn Resorts announced that it plans to install Amazon Echo voice-activated digital assistants in each of its 4,748 Las Vegas hotel rooms.

Fox Business reports:

"By the time that all of the resort's guest rooms are fully operational next summer, guests will be able to use a series of voice commands via Amazon's Alexa platform to draw curtains, adjust room temperature, tweak lighting, and turn on the TV.

"This is just the beginning, of course. It's really just a matter of time before the Echo devices double as concierge proxies, securing dining and show reservations or fetching valet-parked vehicles. If you can seamlessly order fresh towels or the following morning's room service breakfast, it's easy to see how Wynn Resorts stands to benefit through this relationship. Guests will be drawn to the high-tech resort on the competitive Vegas strip, and once they check in there will be plenty of incentives to spend more than they typically do during their stay."

What I'm wondering is how long it will be before we see an Amazon Go store in the lobby of a Wynn hotel ... because if people don't have to stand on checkout lines, it'll mean they potentially can spend a lot more time at the gaming tables.

Viva Las Vegas, where Jeff Bezos clearly hopes the bright light city's gonna set his soul on fire.

It is an Eye-Opener.
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