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Tech Times reports that "Starbucks is reportedly gearing up to roll out a new personalized rewards program, designed to give customers better incentives based on their preferences. The popular coffee chain aims to boost its incentives by offering customers what they want, based on what Starbucks already knows about them. With the personalized rewards program, each customer will get unique Starbucks offers via email and the Starbucks app, taking Starbucks Rewards to the next level."
KC's View:
Isn't this sort of the Holy Grail of rewards programs - providing incentives that are relevant to how people show and behave?

This is right in line with something that we talk about a lot here on MNB - that the winners, over the long run, will be the companies that have the most actionable information and then actually act on it. Easier said than done, I know ... but in the current competitive environment, it is a lot smarter than just throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks.