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Salon has a terrific piece about the debacle known as Sears.

Here's how they frame the story:

"Quick: Name a reason to shop at Sears.

"If you’re struggling to identify one, you’re not alone; even the company’s web team can’t figure it out. On Thursday, the company’s virtual storefront featured home appliances, a pool table, exercise equipment, watches, men’s jeans and a snow blower. A photo advertising a women’s knit sweater was positioned next to a WeedWacker.

"Consider this the retail version of throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks — and according to the company’s latest numbers, nothing is sticking.

"Sears Holdings, which owns Sears and Kmart, reported on Thursday a loss of $748 million for the three months ending on Oct. 29. This is the company’s 20th consecutive quarterly loss, and worse than the $454 million loss the company posted in the same period last year. Revenue fell nine percent last quarter to $5.21 billion. Same-store sales, a key retail metric, dropped 10 percent at Sears and 4 percent at Kmart. The company lost $1.6 billion in the first ten months of the year, compared to $549 million in the same period last year, according to its regulatory filing."
KC's View:
The funny thing is that the piece has the following headline - Sears death watch update: Is it time to prepare an obit for our least-essential department store?

For the record, I prepared that obit years ago. Fast Eddie Lampert, who bought the company years ago and has been driving it into the ground relentlessly pretty much from the beginning, keeps pumping money into this thing, making excuses for lack of performance, and saying that things are getting better even when it seems utterly clear that things definitely are not.

Dead company walking. Just a matter of time.