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The Seattle Times reports this morning that Amazon is denying a report in the Wall Street Journal that it is planning to build 2,000 grocery stores around the country if its initial grocery store effort works out.

“We have no plans to open 2,000 of anything. Not even close,” a spokeswoman said. “We are still learning.”

After Amazon issued the denial, the Journal responded that “we are confident in our sources and stand by our original reporting.”
KC's View:
I think it is fair to say that I've always been skeptical about the notion that Amazon has a game plan for 2,000 stores. Bricks-and-mortar by its very definition creates legacy issues that Amazon works assiduously to avoid. That doesn't mean it won't play around in this space as a way of learning, and that it could accelerate store openings if it makes sense,

But I also wonder if it might make more sense for Amazon to choose a partner or partners with which it could work to offer some of the technological advances it is pioneering, without actually having to build its own stores.

I would suggest that there are lots of possible iterations ... but the ones likely to be explored by Amazon will be the ones that avoid the mistakes of the past and the moves of traditional competitors.