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Bob Wheatley, CEO of healthy living agency Emergent, did a bog posting the other day that I think is worth reading ... in part because he quotes me in it, but also because he makes an important point in keeping with a longtime MNB tenet - that retailers have to move from just being sources of product and also become resources of information.

"Gone are the days when competition is based solely on location, price and assortment," he writes. "Retailers have an extraordinary opportunity to approach the customer relationship in a new way as educator, guide and coach ... The economics of food retail may have favored stores as product supply aggregators for decades. But the food world is changing in response to cultural shifts among consumers, whose tastes and interest in all things culinary continue to become more sophisticated."

Wheatley also offers a turn of phrase that I wish I'd come up with: The butcher at your local supermarket can be an order taker who wraps or a storyteller who raps.

Bingo. I love that.

The piece is worth reading ... and you can check it out here.
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