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The Chicago Tribune has a story about how Mondelez International "is diving deeper into online retail with a holiday-season website that is selling tins of Oreos directly to consumers ... The holiday Oreo website, which kicks off Monday, marks the first time Mondelez will directly handle the supply chain and shipping logistics, without going through a store or online retailer like Amazon."

Arthur Sevilla, global director of e-commerce strategy for the company, says that the goal is to sell limited time offers and exclusives on the site and, "if it's successful, we'll import this model to other markets."

The story notes that "Mondelez created a dedicated e-commerce team last year with a goal of generating $1 billion in revenue by 2020," sales it believes it can move from traditional bricks-and-mortar venues.
KC's View:
There will be challenges to this approach by Mondelez - not least the fact that I'm not sure that people are going to visit lots of different sites for varying needs. But I admire the fact that it is making a cultural and financial commitment to the space. It will learn a lot, and potentially can teach us a lot by how it adapts to consumers' changing needs and desires.