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Reuters reports that a new study from ad agency Zenith Optimedia suggests that "the amount of money spent on advertising on social media is set to catch up with newspaper ad revenues by 2020."

Specifically, the story says that "global advertising expenditure on social media will account for 20 percent of all internet advertising in 2019, hitting $50 billion and coming in just one percent smaller than newspaper ads. It expects social media to overtake newspapers comfortably by 2020."

The story notes that "the media industry has been convulsed by the rapid shift in advertising trends in recent years, with firms moving their ad budgets from traditional sources such as newspapers to websites found on computers and mobile phones. Marketers are increasingly directing their spending to social media sites where ads blend into users' newsfeeds on platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat proving more effective than interruptive banner formats."
KC's View:
What concerns me about this trend is that the ad spending might actually end up supporting a lot of the fake news stories that crop up on social media. That would be a truly negative result, and I hope that manufacturers are responsible about not supporting sites that are irresponsible and even destructive.