business news in context, analysis with attitude has a story about how Amazon is saying that "four of its proprietary Echo and Fire devices outsold all other products purchased on its site over Black Friday weekend. The Amazon items were the Echo Dot, the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, its Fire tablet, and the Amazon Echo."

According to the story, "Dave Limp, senior VP of Amazon devices and services, noted that three of the devices - the Dot, the 7-inch Fire tablet and the TV Stick - are all priced under $50, which is helping to make the company’s Alexa cyber assistant ever more pervasive."
KC's View:
I can't say this enough, because I think it is absolutely essential that retailers and vendors keep it top-of-mind ... all of these products are designed to make it easier for the people who use them to buy more and other stuff using those products.

We now have four of these things at home, and not only are they in constant use, but I also can imagine a bunch of other places where I'd like to have them. I'm in the ecosystem ... maybe trapped in it ... and it doesn't seem like such an unpleasant place to be.