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• The Chicago Tribune has a story about Hormel is working with the Cancer Nutrition Consortium has has developed "a line of foods for cancer patients under a new brand called Vital Cuisine." The initiative at Hormel was largely driven by the then-CEO of Hormel, Jeff Ettinger, whose mother had died of cancer and wanted to explore "how to help people undergoing treatment or recovering from it."

According to the story, "The ready-to-make meals are easy for fatigued patients to make whenever their appetite allows and are packed with protein, calories and help with hydration — which have been identified as problem areas during treatment. These new products for cancer patients are under the purview of Hormel Health Labs, a subsidiary of Hormel Foods Corp. formed in 1994 that sells to the health care market. Its portfolio includes foods designed for people with swallowing difficulty, dietary restrictions and other conditions that chiefly affect the elderly."

• In the UK, the Guardian reports that "Morrisons is reviving the Safeway brand after 11 years as part of its attempt to move back into the fast-growing convenience market.

"The former supermarket brand, which disappeared in November 2005 after being bought by Morrisons, will front a range of hundreds of food and grocery products, many of which will be produced within the Bradford-based company’s own factories. Morrisons will begin distributing the range in the first half of next year, although the retailer has not confirmed whether it will be handling relations with independent stores directly or working with a distribution firm."
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