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The New York Times has a story about what could be a harbinger of a trend that could affect digital consumers - dozens of California cities are debating the possibility of taxing video streaming services, "a step that could make up for lost tax revenue from growing numbers of cord-cutters."

In Pasadena, "at 9.4 percent, the so-called Netflix tax would treat streaming services as a traditional utility, the city said. If you use multiple services - for example, Hulu, Amazon Video and HBO - it would be added to each bill.

"The move in Pasadena, with a population of about 140,000, has drawn consternation from technology companies and consumers who worry that it could be copied across the state." But some public officials "have argued that taxation rules need to be revised to account for changing technologies. It is unfair, some say, that people who get video through cable television are taxed while those who have shifted over to internet streaming services are not."
KC's View:
I don't think this would cause me to change my viewing habits. I do think it could affect my voting habits.