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Responding to yesterday's FaceTime video about the pleasures of patronizing a local butcher shop, MNB user David Peterson wrote:

I think you are right on with smaller local shops taking business away from conventional grocery stores that have gotten too big and time wasting to navigate through them.

People are gravitating back to the smaller stores that the big boxes drove out of business.

It is like cracks in the sidewalk – stores get bigger and pave over the smaller stores and eventually the smaller stores break through and grow like weeds coming up through the cracks…

Another MNB user wrote:

I loved the story about where you are now buying fresh meat and fresh fish. I only wish that these kinds of small stores would come back in a big way in America, because of the personal service, the friendliness of the shop owners, and they value you as a customer. Where I live in a semi-rural area, it is not possible for a small store to set up shop. I have found that a certain big chain store where I shop, I have befriended two of the butchers, and when I ask for special cuts, they are more than happy to do so. A good butcher really likes showing off their meat cutting skills and making their customers happy.
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