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Marketing analysis company Cassandra is out with a study saying that teens and Millennials "will not be lining up at 5am on Black Friday to score the biggest deals of the year. They’ve been shopping for the holidays all year and are significantly less motivated by doorbuster deals than generations before them."

Indeed, the company says that while younger generations are willing to "get out from behind their screens," there are a number of approaches that will factor into whether specific stores are chosen by teens and Millennials.

Cassandra says that younger shoppers are looking for stores that "integrate digital within the physical space," that "create design-focused destinations," and "provide a sense of home."

Retailers that rely on "old standby" approaches, the company says, "need to rethink their marketing plan."
KC's View:
Not new news, but certainly worthy of repeating. Young people aren't anti-store, but they want stores that are relevant, resonant and compelling. If retailers think they can come to market with the same-old formulas, they are sadly mistaken, and likely doomed to obsolescence.