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by Kevin Coupe

Tomorrow, Saturday, is the 15th anniversary of the first day I wrote MorningNewsBeat. (Yes, I know, I wrote that I was coming up on MNB's 16th birthday the other day. I got confused.)

To put that into context, it is just half as long as Johnny Carson was host of "The Tonight Show," and five times as long as the original run of the very first 'Star Trek" TV series.

Longest job I've ever had. Best job I've ever had. (My boss is a pain, but sometimes one has to look past that stuff.)

I'm not big on numbers, but there are certain metrics that I'm fond of, like the idea that MNB has posted something like 14 million words, and a minimum of 36,000 different stories over the years ... and that we now have a subscription base of more than 35,000.

That's pretty cool.

Thank you for your loyalty and time and willingness to pay attention each day and respond with the thousands of emails that I get each year. (I'm guessing on the scale of roughly 50,000 over the past 15 years.) If you didn't keep reading, I wouldn't get to keep writing. And you've even stuck with me when occasionally I've gone too far ... by providing the light by which I find my way back.

And, thanks to the great sponsors who have supported MNB through the years. love doing this, but not enough to do it for free ... and the MNB sponsors enable me to pay the mortgage and occasionally indulge in a decent bottle of wine. To them I say, "Cheers!"

I'm not necessarily shooting for Johnny Carson's record, but I am thinking I'd like to do this for another 10 years or so ... which would get MNB to 25 and me to 72.

At least.

Because, as I often say, I cannot imagine giving this up ... because for me at least, MNB, almost every day, has been an Eye-Opener.
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