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Investor's Business Daily reports that automaker Hyundai is "integrating its connected-car Blue Link technology with's AI assistant, Alexa."

According to the story, "the feature will be available on all 2017 models, most 2016, and some 2015 Hyundai models, said Lawrence Perrault, the senior manager of Hyundai's connected-car program, adding that the company is working on making the feature backward-compatible on older models.

"If you've got both an Amazon Echo and a Hyundai, this means you can command Alexa to rev up your car from the breakfast table, or lock the doors while unloading groceries onto the kitchen countertop."

The piece notes that "Hyundai is at least the third carmaker to team up with Amazon Alexa. Ford Motor announced in January that it was 'exploring' a partnership with Amazon Alexa and Echo. Meanwhile, BMW is also said to be integrating Amazon's smart-home and AI features into its functionality."
KC's View:
I have to admit that I've found myself recently in the car with my iPhone, wishing that I could communicate with my at-home Echo, which I've always described as a "Siri that works." Would this affect future car purchases? Maybe. Am I hoping that at some point I'll be able to talk to my Echo via my iPhone? Absolutely. Would I buy a non-Apple smartphone for the ability to integrate all this stuff? Possibly.

I do think that somehow manufacturers are going to have to find ways to allow consumers to integrate these choices the way they want to, not just along the lines that they want us to. seems clear that Google and Apple will make their own deals with carmakers. But maybe the smart car manufacturers will give buyers an a la carte option, with the ability to choose the AI we want.