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Amazon announced this morning that it is expanding its home services business - which essentially competes with the likes of Angie's List - to 20 new metropolitan areas in the US. The expansion brings to 50 the number of markets served by Amazon Home Services, with the company saying it now has more than 1,200 unique services being offered by close to 60 professions.

The 20 new metro areas are: Santa Rosa, CA; Ventura County, CA; Boulder, CO; Greater Bridgeport, CT; New Haven, CT; Brevard County, FL; Cape Coral, FL; Sarasota, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Ann Arbor, MI; Raleigh, NC; Trenton, NJ; Las Vegas, NV; Cleveland, OH; Allentown, PA; Lehigh Valley, PA; San Antonio, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Richmond, VA and Hampton Roads VA/NC.

The company says that "Amazon Home Services features handpicked pros offering upfront pricing on hundreds of helpful services. Local service providers opt-in to where they operate and the services they provide. Customers purchasing items on Amazon that require assembly or installation can include the service as part of their checkout process, or they can read reviews and schedule services directly."
KC's View:
This is just another page from the Amazon playbook ... it expands the ecosystem in which it hopes that Amazon will be the first, best choice (or at least an option to be consulted) of consumers for pretty much everything ... and it positions Amazon has being not just a source of product, but an increasingly expansive resource.