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The Orange County Register reports that " Toys R Us is tinkering with an interactive prototype shop that’s making its California debut Saturday in Santa Ana."

This new 25,000 square foot store is described as featuring "vibrant red, yellow and blue with 'experiential' elements such as a play lab ... Distinctly branded aisles and sections display merchandise such as American Girl, Lego and 'Star Wars' toys. Other parts of the store boast music and movie and buckets filled with toys ranging from $1 to $5 ... The changes are aimed at enhancing the shopper experience at a time when consumers - especially millennials - are seeking entertaining experiences."

This new store is one of four in the format being opened by Toys R Us; the other three are in Florida. The story says that they are "part of a turnaround plan by CEO Dave Brandon," who is "reconfiguring existing stores and opening smaller shops to fight off competition from online vendors such as Amazon."
KC's View:
I give Toys R Us a lot of credit for trying new things ... though I must admit to a certain level of skepticism about whether they can apply what they learn from these four stores to the bigger units that, for me, are completely unshoppable and about as appealing as a colonoscopy without anesthesia.