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Marketing Daily reports that "JC Penney and Kohl’s are breaking new ground for retailers, offering pre-Black Friday sales that highlight deals they will offer as soon as the pumpkin pie gets served. And Amazon has thrown down the gift gauntlet early too, with relentless Black Friday specials starting earlier this week."

According to the story, experts say that "it’s part of retailers’ increasing pricing transparency with consumers." Michael Dickenson, CEO of Ironbridge Software, which has been tracking CPG and store data since the 1980s, says, "What’s the point of chasing a Black Friday deal down at the mall when the same prices and goods — maybe even better ones — are available all month long?”

Dickenson "credits the rise of e-commerce - not just from competition like Amazon, but also the success of their own online sales - with helping retailers continue to distance themselves from the oh-so-analog tradition of Black Friday, or even Cyber Monday, its digital stepchild."
KC's View:
I'm always in favor of transparency, but I do think that this whole holiday thing has started way too early. I'm already tired of Christmas advertising, and it is only Election Day. (That said, 'm not nearly as tired of Christmas ads as I am of election ads.)