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The Wall Street Journal has a piece comparing the Amazon Echo/Alexa system to the new Google Home offering.

"Google is releasing Home on Friday in the hope of riding the coattails of Echo, the Amazon gadget that is powered by the virtual assistant called Alexa," the Times writes. "Echo became available last year to much fanfare. By posing questions and making requests to Alexa, people have since put Echo to work as a shopping assistant, kitchen companion and home automation tool. Amazon has a bona fide hardware hit."

And what's interesting about the review is that it concludes that Google’s Home is "a preternaturally smarter speaker" than the Echo ... that while Echo is currently more capable than Home, partly because a larger number of third-party companies have worked with Amazon to add capabilities to its speaker, Google’s product is poised to surpass Echo in the coming years."

You can and should read the review here, if only because I think these kinds of system are shaping up to have an enormous impact on how people acquire product.
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