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Kantar Retail is out with its best-in-class retailer and manufacturer PoweRanking survey, concluding after examining strategic and operational metrics that Kroger and Walmart are in a "virtual tie" on the retail side, with PepsiCo and Coca-Cola in first and second place respectively on the supplier side.

According to the report, "While Walmart’s long-standing dominance among U.S. retailers now has a formidable challenger, the supercenter chain continues to outrank all other retailers in the areas of clear strategy and supply-chain management ... A major factor in Kroger’s performance this year has been its ability to innovate and maximize the shopper experience by applying insights derived from both suppliers and its own 84.51 shopper insights firm."

On the supplier side, "PepsiCo showed broad improvement across many of the strategic and operational metrics measured in the study. The company was particularly praised for providing top-class capabilities in the area of data analytics ... Coca-Cola received the top ranking for innovative marketing, receiving plaudits from retail partners for creative campaigns, such as 'Share a Coke'."

The report notes that "the purpose of Kantar Retail’s annual PoweRanking study is to identify the manufacturers and retailers viewed as best in class by their major trading partners and to provide insight into what distinguishes them across key areas of the manufacturer-retailer business relationship."
KC's View:
Companies like these have the resources to be best-in-class, and so one would expect that they should be able to achieve such a ranking; expectations, of course, often are not met, and some companies don;t do what they need to do.

The big lesson is that in order to survive, every company has to be best-in-class in something. There's no room for complacency, for coasting, for being good enough.

Good enough just ain't good enough anymore.