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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Safeway will acquire the five remaining Andronico's Community Markets in the San Francisco Bay Area. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Andronico's CEO Suzy Monford says that the sale should be completed within six weeks.

Andronico's has faced a series of competitive and financial issues over the years. The paper writes that Andronico’s currently has two stores in Berkeley, one in Los Altos, one in San Anselmo and one in San Francisco, while it "sold a Danville location and shuttered a Walnut Creek store in 2006, and closed two stores in Berkeley and one in Palo Alto in 2011."

According to the Chronicle, the stores are expected to be renamed Safeway Community Markets.
KC's View:
I can't help but feel a certain amount of sadness about this. Andronico's was an industry leader for a long time, and I can remember visiting their stores and seeing things that almost nobody else was doing.

Alas, they lost their mojo. Some of it may have been over-expansion. Maybe there was a little hubris. And maybe some complacency. What it illustrates, I think, is how hard it is for any company to achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence. And I'm sure there are some food industry executives out there who will look at Andronico's as an object lesson in how not to lead.

It is a shame. I feel bad about it.