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Fast Company reports that Amazon has developed a new mobile application designed for kids ages 7-12, that "takes advantage of kids' comfort with chat-based interfaces to engage them in reading. Called Rapids, the app contains hundreds of stories, all written as dialogue and embellished with custom illustrations." A subscription costs $2.99 per month.

Each story, Fast Company says, "is original to the app, with categories ranging from adventure and animals to science fiction and sports. Humor pervades throughout; the chat format, as it turns out, is well equipped to deliver the kinds of punch lines that kids enjoy (and repeat and repeat)."
KC's View:
This isn't just an inexpensive way to get kids interested in reading. It is a way of getting used to the idea that Amazon is a place you can go to for pretty much anything. And that is critically important to Amazon's long-term plans for an all-enveloping ecosystem.