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• Fung Global Retail & Technology is out with a new study predicting that the online grocery market should grow from $17 billion this year to as much as $24 billion in 2017. The study says that this year, about one-third of US consumers have shopped for groceries online, up more than 60 percent from just two years ago. And the study also says that click-and-collect offerings, such as those developed by Kroger, are helping to drive the higher acceptance rates.

• The Dallas Morning News reports that "about 40 banks of big yellow Amazon Lockers have been installed since July at 7-Eleven and QuikTrip stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And last week, Irving Mall became the first local mall to get the online shopping leader's self-service lockers, which handle both delivery and returns." The mall is "one of 50 malls across the U.S. owned by Washington Prime Group that's adding the lockers in time for holiday shopping."

The story notes that "Irving Mall general manager Jon Schweers said it's all about 'embracing innovation to drive shopper traffic and enhance the overall experience for our guests."

Of course, the lockers also represent a retailing experience that threatens to make malls less relevant. So this may be something of a deal with the devil...
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