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There's a really interesting story in Philadelphia magazine about a person's search for a new supermarket after having moved to the City of Brotherly love.

It isn't such an easy task, since the Philadelphia area currently has a plethora of choices. "This multitude of riches can’t be found everywhere in the city; there are still neighborhoods that lack any grocery stores. In the suburbs, of course, shoppers have always had a host of supermarkets to choose from — not to mention that mecca of markets, Wegmans.

"But the spate of new grocers in Greater Center City is remarkable. We have choices now — choices that run deeper than mere convenience or more types of peanut butter to choose from. They offer more ways to connect to something, to define yourself and find your place in the world. Even if that place happens to be the cheese aisle."

It is a fascinating and instructive story, posing some existential questions about shopping and eating and selling food, and you can read it here.
KC's View:
I love the idea that this all takes place in Philadelphia. After all, The Philadelphia Story is a classic 1940 screwball comedy in which Katharine Hepburn finds herself having to choose from three suitors - played by Cary Grant, James Stewart, and John Howard. Which may have been a little harder than having to choose among supermarkets.