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by Kevin Coupe

CNBC reports that PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi believes that we'll soon be snacking on insects ... though probably not anytime soon. Maybe 2026.

"Bug-related stuff is big," she said at a recent New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) event.

"[Experts] said the hottest thing is eating crickets," Nooyi said. "I am not talking about the game cricket, I am talking about crickets! In chips. And I am a vegetarian, I am not eating any cricket chips. But they said if you want a high protein source, there is a series of products being launched with crickets."

The story notes that Nooyi has some credibility in the food trend prognostication racket - " a decade ago, Nooyi was correct in forecasting a mass migration toward healthier foods."

This was particularly interesting to me since I was watching a documentary over the weekend (that I'll review on Friday in "OffBeat") in which the consumption of insects came up, and the comment was that if we want to survive as a species, we're going to have to get used to the idea.

Now, I'm not sure I'd go that far ... but I'm intrigued. And if one of these days someone offers me fried grasshoppers, I promise to partake.

I'm pretty sure it'll be an Eye-Opener.
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