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Variety reports that chef Anthony Bourdain, best known these days for his “Parts Unknown" documentary series on CNN, plans to produce a new movie on the subject of global food waste.
The movie, according to the story, "will aim to shed light on the grim numbers that show how much food is thrown away every year. Statistics indicate that approximately 1.3 billion tons, or one-third of all man-made food, perishes instead of being used to feed the hungry. In the United States, families trash about fourth of the food they buy, at a cost of $1,365 to $2,275 a year, according to research from the Rockefeller Foundation," which will co-produce the movie.

The Rockefeller Foundation "has made eradicating food waste one of its primary missions — last year, it launched a $130 million, seven-year initiative to deal with the issue," Variety writes.

The working title of the movie: Wasted! The Story of Food Waste. It is said to already be in production, and expected to be on the film festival circuit next year.
KC's View:
It sounds like there will be some considerable juice behind this documentary, and Bourdain is very good at making information digestible. Look for this to be a high-profile property about a subject that should be top-of-mind.