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Business Insider reports that "Walmart has built a giant tower inside one of its stores that acts as a vending machine for online orders ... The machine is so big that the company had to remove a chunk of the ceiling to fit it inside the store. It's located right inside the store's entrance."

Here's how it works, according to the story: "When a customer orders something online for in-store pickup, the customer gets an order number. When the person arrives at the tower, he or she enters the order number into the machine. Then the machine spits out the customer's package the way a vending machine can do with a bottle of Coke.

"The machine's giant size is due to the fact that it holds tons of packages inside. While it requires a lot of space, it's more versatile than pickup lockers — which Walmart has also tested — because it has the ability to adjust the size of the compartments where packages are kept, our source said."

The tower is being tested in a single Bentonville, Arkansas, store.
KC's View:
This essentially sounds like Amazon's locker program, except on steroids. It sounds like a good idea, though not inherently as nimble, and I have to wonder about its scalability.