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• Wakefern Food Corp. said this week that its annual sales in the just-completed fiscal year were up 4.2 percent, reaching $16 billion for the first time in its seven-decade history.

• The Boston Globe reports that Eataly has finally set a date for its planned opening in Boston - Tuesday, November 29. It will be Eataly's fourth USA location - there are two in New York and one in Chicago.

The story notes that the Boston Eataly will be 45,000 square feet in the Prudential Center, taking over what used to be its food court, and "will take over what used to be the entire Prudential Center food court, will feature three casual sit-down restaurants - La Pizza & La Pasta, Il Pesce, and La Piazza - and a number of to-go stations offering pizza, flatbread sandwiches, salad, and prepared antipasti, primi, and secondi meals. The space will also have a Lavazza coffee bar, a pastry lab, a housemade fresh mozzarella station, salumi and formaggi, a fresh pasta counter, a baker, a fishmonger, a butcher, and more than 10,000 retail products."

• The New York Times this morning reports that PepsiCo is returning to its roots - Pepsi was first made in a drugstore as a drink that would help digestion and boost energy - by investing in research and development initiatives that would "improve the taste of tuberculosis drugs."

The story says that "about 10.4 million people each year contract tuberculosis, and 1.8 million of them die, or roughly 5,000 each day, making it one of the world’s 10 deadliest diseases. But only recently have public health officials woken up to the prevalence of tuberculosis among children, and even now, they say their figures on youngsters with the disease are more guesstimate than estimate."

Tuberculosis drugs are generally made for adults and are difficult for children to swallow, and so PepsiCo "will be working to improve the flavor and sensory perception of 17 drugs used in treating tuberculosis. The company is donating ... its time, expertise and any intellectual property associated with the flavors and sensory innovations it comes up with to make the drugs more palatable."

Salon reports that as Chipotle tries to come back from food safety issues that hurts its sales, growth and image, it is revamping its menu and is adding desserts. They also are "altering their digital ordering system so as to provide faster service, and advertising their brand in a more aggressive fashion, one that will almost certainly include the franchise’s first ever nationally televised ads."
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