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Amazon said yesterday that orders using its Dash Buttons - a technology that allows customers to place buttons in convenient in-home locations and simply press them to place orders that will replenish supplies - are up more than five times during the past year.

The increase likely reflects both increased usage of the buttons as well as an expanded selection of products available via the buttons. Amazon also said this week that it has added 60 brands - including Cheez-Its, Folgers, Milk Bone, Pop-Tarts and Powerade - to the program, bring the number of brands available via Dash Buttons to more than 200.

The buttons cost $4.99 apiece, a fee that is refunded with the first order made using them.
KC's View:
The Dash Buttons are being embraced by people who a) don;t want to think very much about the replenishment of often-used items, and b) have no interest in going to the store for such items. They're brilliant, and a major advantage for Amazon ... not to mention a concept to which its competitors are going to have to find an answer.