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The Cincinnati Business Courier has a piece in which it speculates that one of Kroger's big advantages over Amazon - which will be ever more important as Amazon expands into the bricks-and-mortar realm - will be its convenience stores.

The logic works this way.

Walt Doyle, CEO of Boston-based online gas price comparison site Gasbuddy, tells the Courier that convenience stores that sell gasoline tend to do better than c-stores that don't. Doyle notes that Amazon, at least to this point, seems to have no plans to get into the gas business. And Kroger "operates 785 convenience stores, making it one of the larger operators in that $575 billion industry. That’s on top of its 2,781 supermarkets."

This suggests that if Kroger is able to find a sweet spot where it is selling gasoline as well as offering click-and-collect online shopping through its ClickList service, it will have a combination that will appeal to consumers in a way that Amazon cannot.
KC's View:
Gotta use whatever advantages you have.

Let's be clear. It seems likely that Amazon will bring something new to the party when it starts opening bricks-and-mortar stores. Which means that the companies competing with it have to do the same thing ... or at least find new combinations for old advantages.