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The Boston Globe reports that Dunkin' Donuts CEO Nigel Travis, when talking about the fact that the company did not meet revenue expectations during the most recent quarter (growth was a sluggish 0.5 percent, though profits and same-store sales were said to be healthy), blamed "the overwhelming dampening effect of the presidential election,” among other things.

According to the story, "Travis also reportedly said ... that uncertainty due to the elections also meant the company would hit the 'lower end' of their previously estimated range of store openings this year, as franchisees wait to see what future holds with regards to regulations or minimum wage laws."
KC's View:
Everybody has to blame something, and the elections are a pretty fat target. (Another year, and it might've been the weather. Or the dog ate his homework. Question: Isn't it a CEO's job to navigate the shoals of current events and still grow sales?)

It is interesting, though. Franchisees may be worried about regulatory and wage issues, but you wouldn't think that would necessarily have an impact on coffee and doughnut sales. I don't know about you, but it is only an enormous amount of self control that prevents me from chowing down on a dozen chocolate glazed doughnuts after watching newscasts or debates. (Instead, I just drink.)