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Tech Crunch reports that Walmart yesterday unveiled a new video streaming service, called Vudu Movies on Us, that "will include thousands of titles, which will be available in HD and can be streamed for free. To generate revenue, Vudu Movies on Us will be ad-supported.

"While Amazon’s Prime Video is a perk that comes with an Amazon Prime membership, then offers a variety of commercial-free movies and TV shows, including originals, Vudu Movies on Us will not have new releases. Instead, it will more narrowly focus on distributing free blockbuster titles and other classics, the company says."
KC's View:
I'm sure this will have appeal to some folks, but I would not be one of them. If I'm going to stream, I'd rather commercials not get in the way.

Maybe this betrays a bias toward Amazon and iTunes, but somehow this just seems like an afterthought, rather than an integrated and strategic part of the broader package. And so, it may not matter all that much.