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USA Today reports this morning that PepsiCo has announced that it plans to "significantly reduce the amount of sugar, sodium and fat in many of its products by 2025," which it says is "in response to the growing demand for healthier, more nutritious foods."

PepsiCo says that it is aiming "for a series of goals, including ensuring at least two-thirds of its drinks will have no more than 100 calories of added sugars per 12-ounce serving. Additionally, at least 75% of its food products will have no more than 1.1 grams of saturated fat, per 100 calories, and no more than 1.3 milligrams of sodium per calorie."

• We've had a number of stories recently about stores and malls planning to remain closed on Thanksgiving, saying that they wanted to make it possible for employees to spend the holiday with their families.

But not everybody.

The Associated Press reports that Macy's not only will be open on Thanksgiving, but plans to open an hour earlier this year. It is scheduled to open its doors to holiday shoppers at 5 pm on Thanksgiving, remain open until 2 am on Friday, and then reopen at 5 am on Friday.
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