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Reuters reports that Netflix increased its global subscriber base by more than 50 percent during the third quarter, adding 370,000 customers in the US alone.

The story notes that Netflix seems to building its subscriber base largely through the development of original programming that attracts viewers in the US and abroad, on which the company spent $5 billion this year. Netflix reportedly plans to increase that spending by 20 percent to $6 billon in 2017, believing that original content such as "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black" gives it a differential advantage as it competes with everyone from the broadcast networks to Amazon to HBO and Showtime.

Netflix also says that it believes that it can harvest "material global profits" beginning next year as it grows significantly outside its home market.
KC's View:
I always think that stories like these are instructive to retailers because you can easily substitute the words "private label" for "original content." Companies compete successfully where they are different, not where they are the same.

And I think the vast majority of retailers would be better off if they looked at every square foot of sales floor and asked themselves, "How and where are we different in this space? And where we are not, how can we be?"