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The Wall Street Journal this morning has an interview with Randall K. Fields, CEO of ReposiTrak, in which he addresses the food safety challenges that face many retailers and focuses on the greater levels of transparency are needed.

"We’ve been disappointed at the general level of compliance to basic standards across the industry," Fields says. "If you take a look at all the facilities that are actually food-safety audited, it’s 10% to 12% of all the facilities registered with the Food and Drug Administration. And there’s a lot of companies that do business that aren’t registered ... The consequence is an unsupervised supply chain. Not everywhere. Many companies do this just right. But in general, there’s not enough compliance."

You can read the entire story here.

Full disclosure: ReposiTrak is a longtime and valued MNB sponsor. When I was thinking about whether or not to run this piece in MNB, I applied a simple rule (which I use every time a story concerning a sponsor comes up): Would I run the story if the company were not a sponsor? When the answer is yes, I run the story ... and with it, run this advisory noting our business relationship.
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