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AFP reports that Amazon is saying that it plans to hire as many as 120,000 seasonal employees for the upcoming holiday season - 20 percent more than the company hired for such purposes just a year ago.

Amazon says that it "turned 14,000 of those temporary positions from last year into regular full-time jobs, and hoped to increase that number this time around."

AFP goes on to note that while Amazon's numbers are on the high end, it is not the only retailer engaging in holiday hiring. Macy's has said it plans to hire 83,000 seasonal employees for warehouses and stores, Target is hiring 77,500, and UPS "plans to take on 95,000 seasonal workers to meet holiday demands for deliveries."
KC's View:
There seems to be a lot of optimism out there about the economy and the holiday shopping season. I'm not entirely sure why ... I have this sort of pervasive sense of dread ... and I'm not entirely sure that it will be sustained as events unfold over the next month or two. I want to be optimistic, but I can't quite find it in my soul.