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It has been a really busy, crazy week, so I've hardly had the chance to do anything other than work. But I do have a couple of quick notes.

First, I had dinner at Frontera Grill in Chicago last weekend ... and it was extraordinary. I'd never eaten there before, and I had an amazing red snapper served with a yellow mole sauce and rustic potato mash. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

And the margaritas knocked my socks off.

I can't wait to go back.

Also, as I've noted here before, I like to take advantage of the fact that iTunes offers free viewing of pilot episodes of new television series. I usually don't ever watch additional episodes, but I find it instructive to see what people are producing.

In this case, though, there were two series that I may want to follow. One is called "No Tomorrow," which is a sweet romantic comedy about a highly organized young woman who works for an Amazon-like company in Seattle, who meets a man who believes that the world will be hit by an enormous asteroid in about eight months. She doesn't necessarily believe him, but she is inspired to follow his lead and live her life as if there is "no tomorrow." It is an intriguing premise, and the performances are uniformly strong.

The other is called "Speechless," and it is a rambunctious family comedy about an aggressive mother seeking to do everything she can for her son, a special need student unable to speak for himself. Minnie Driver is terrific in the lead role, and this show shows a unique ability to portray the entire family as unique individuals with their own needs ... and it has a piercing, irreverent approach to the whole concept of people with physical challenges. Great stuff.

On the other hand, the new Kevin James comedy, "Kevin Can Wait," seems like it was produced 20 years ago, and was unearthed from a dusty video vault. Don't waste your time.

That's it for this week. have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday.

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