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by Kevin Coupe

The Seattle Times has a story that indicates the degree to which Amazon is ramping up to compete with, well, pretty much everybody.

According to the piece, "Washington’s Employment Security Department says that between May and August, posted 11,042 job openings online in King County, double the number from the same period last year. The runner-up was the University of Washington, with 2,757. Microsoft had 1,611 ... At the end of the second quarter, Amazon had 268,900 employees worldwide, a 47 percent jump from the previous year, putting it on track to surpass every other Fortune 500 company except Wal-Mart in a couple of years."

Amazon's hiring numbers, the Times writes, "mean that the tech and retail giant’s Pantagruelian appetite for workers dwarfs that of every other employer in Seattle’s red-hot market for tech skills." And, "about two-thirds are newly created positions. It’s a good example of the transformative impact of Amazon in the Puget Sound region, where median salaries are being pushed up by frenzied demand for tech talent."

First of all, I have to admit that I had to check to see what Pantagruelian means. The word, just FYI, comes from a 1532 novel by Rabelais, and refers to the huge son of a character named Gargantua. And, it means huge.

These numbers are Eye-Opening and just another sign of Amazon's growing size and power. And I thought they were worth noting, just in case there was anyone out there in denial about Amazon's intentions.
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