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The New York Times reports that meat processing giant Tyson has invested "an undisclosed amount" in Beyond Meat, described as a California-based company "that makes 'meats' from protein sources like soy and peas," and that "aims to reduce consumption of chicken, beef and pork by replacing it with plant proteins."

In other words, investing in a company designed to replace it.

The story notes that "Americans are eating more plant-based foods, leaving conventional food companies scrambling to catch up. The Plant Based Foods Association said businesses in the United States, which include Beyond Meat, Califia Farms and Heidi Ho, rang up $4.9 billion in sales for the 12 months through June, and grew faster than the food business over all."

Among the other entities that have invested in Beyond Meat are General Mills and the Humane Society of the United States.
KC's View:
Assuming that Tyson's goal is to cover its bets and maybe a few other things, this is a play that would seem to make a lot of sense. We talk a lot here about the importance of trying to figure out what strategies would put you out of business, and then adopt them. That's really the only way to do business these days ... because the alternative is to allow the competition to do those things and actually put you out of business.