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The Associated Press reports that Amazon has announced changes to its Amazon Fresh pricing structure. To this point, Amazon Prime members have been paying $299 a year for the total Prime package, which included Amazon Fresh. But now, the story says, "it will cost $15 per month as an add-on for Prime members. That works out to about $280 a year with the Prime membership," though it has the advantage of spreading the payments out over a 12-month period.

In the same story, AP reports that "Amazon has updated its barcode-scanning Dash shopping wand so you can now buy anything with it, not just groceries ... you scan a product’s barcode or say its name to add it to your Amazon shopping cart. You still need to go to Amazon’s website or app to complete the order. The wand is meant as a quick way to reorder a product or order an item that’s on the top of your mind while at home."
KC's View:
I think the pricing decision is smart, for several reasons. First, spreading it out makes it seem less onerous. Also, if I know I'm spending $15 a month to belong to the program, it may encourage me to use it more often, which plays right into Amazon's hands in terms of strategic priorities.

As for the Dash wand, I have to be honest and concede that I sort of forgot about it even being available. Programs such as Subscribe & Save, as well as technologies such as the Dash buttons and the Echo/Alexa system got so much publicity that the Dash wand seemed sort of antiquated. I tend to think that the wand seems more like a single-use technology that is out of synch with a world in which the multi-use Echo/Alexa offers a variety of applications ... but maybe it has been performing better than I would have thought.