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Eater reports that Starbucks is testing curbside pickup at a store in Snoqualmie, Washington, allowing customers to order using its mobile application but not even have to leave their cars when they arrive at the store.

According to the story, "The test is only being conducted at one location, and will last for six weeks ... Customers using the service can’t simply park in the lot, as that would be dangerous for baristas. Instead, the Snoqualmie store has an area near the front of the store designated just for curbside pickups, with several signs and a large curb with room for two cars."

However, an employee at the store tells Eater that "curbside service has so far been 'really slow, with usually no more than one person at a time.' She estimates that only about five people used the service the first day it was launched."
KC's View:
This strikes me as just a place where Starbucks can play a little bit to see what happens. I would have to think that in most of the places where it would have space for curbside pickup, it already has a drive-through window. I know that I will use its mobile app from time to time and, when I get to a Starbucks with a drive-through window that isn;t busy, I'll use it.

But it is fun to play when the opportunity arises. A company can learn a lot from just messing around to see what happens. I see no downside.