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Got the following email from MNB reader Mike Griswold responding to my coverage yesterday of the weekend in Major League Baseball and the National Football League:

Love your stuff, but no Ryder Cup mention? US finally ended the drought with some amazing golf. Fantastic crowds (~50,000) on Sunday, a great venue, and a very exciting 3 days even for the non-golf fan.

Finally, some business lessons: If something doesn’t work, blow it up and start over; involve the people (players in this case) in the process as it creates a sense of shared ownership and accountability. Lastly, it helps to make some putts.

Point taken.

Also, responding to my baseball reveries, one MNB user wrote:

When I was a high schooler in Toledo back in the sixties, I got to go to a few games with my Dad.  I remember how scary it was on the Cabot Lodge expressway with everyone going 75 mph. I remember that parking near the stadium was in small lots in front yards of houses nearby and a great peanut roaster on the way in.

But, once we got there early enough to watch batting practice.  The Tigers were playing the Twins.  During practice, Twin's first baseman, Harmon Killebrew, hit a ball out of the stadium, over the lights in Center Field... 800 foot shot???


I love memories like these.

From MNB reader Dean Balsamo:

Reading through the baseball comments and I saw Vin Scully’s name come up. I grew up in Los Angeles and Vince’s voice and calling of the games still’s the best in my book.

I actually lived right next to do a Dodger- Wally Moon. This was when he was still hitting those homers to left field because the coliseum was like 296’ or something like that down the left field line.   It was like magic. One time he gave a party and all the Dodgers of the time came…Maury Wills, Johnny Padres, Don Drysdale and….Sandy Koufax!

Koufax  stopped at the foot of the drive way said hi to us kids and then tossed the cigarette he was smoking off to the side-we picked it up and took a drag.

Nat King Cole also came to that party and we spoke with him for a minute as well.  We lived in Encino from 61- to 69.

One time Wally Moon even came and played some ball with us on an empty lot we used nearby.
My dad was general sales manager for Channel 9 in Los Angeles and we used to get box tickets a few rows behind the Dodger dugout. We saw a 63’ World Series game with the Yankees among other games Saw Koufax pitch a number of times. . Also  with some friends (we were 12 years old ) we were able to sneak down to the Dodger dressing room and actually saw Vin himself down there in front of the door-then we split.
Those years were golden. Was another world another time for sure.

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